Aquarius New Moon

The Aquarius New Moon for this year is tomorrow night (January 27th, 2017). This is am important New Moon, coinciding the the Lunar New Year. For this New Moon, we’ll feel the need to consider ourselves in a truly individual ways, not just as a means to rebel but to as a way to move forward. In fact, we may find that our patterns of rebellion have been self limiting.

Aquarius is about the future and what you see yourself doing in the future, not for ruminating on the past. It’s about creating dreams and a life purpose for yourself that does not have anything to do with your family, your partnerships, or even your friends but with your personal relationship to humanity at large.

Some things we may try doing tonight are:

  1. think about whether the things we are involved in are better for the present or future and what we can do to change that
  2. appreciate impersonal friendships as ones which support you without any attachments/limitations or internal projecting
  3. consider what your relationship to the human is and how you define and support your own humanity
  4. celebrate your freakiness. there’s no one like you. take pride in what makes you yourself.


This will be an intense New Moon because it is mostly unaspected. This means our means of reigniting our individualities will take whatever form it wants to and can have nothing to do with the other situations in our lives.

There is a lot of energy between Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Libra right now, putting tension between who we are and how other people see us. This New Moon is about taking a step away from all of that and asking us to consider a larger picture.

Instead of framing our own identities in the self and other, we will be asked to frame identity making itself as that which either improves or debilitates a humanity. Instead of attaching labels to our decisions, we ask for space for mutation and forge a future creatively. Instead of defining ourselves by our past hurts, we focus on moving forward.

It’s time to stop focusing on conflict and compromise and regard your selfhood as that which you creatively give birth to and perpetuate.


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