Saturn Conjunct Midheaven Transit

When Saturn transited over my Midheaven, I had just graduated college and was in an abusive relationship that made me feel inadequate in all sorts of ways.

Saturn makes us restructure whatever it transits over, to take things a little more seriously, and will frequently make us feel inadequate about a house when it first come into that house. Saturn in seventh house? You don’t feel great about your relationships at first and figure out ways to set boundaries and make relationships longer lasting.

What about Saturn transiting over the tenth house, house of career, when you’re not even sure what you want in life?

When Saturn first touched my Midheaven, it was not a good feeling. I felt childish, irresponsible, and like I didn’t have a good grip on reality. In a personal way, I felt insufficient.

Saturn is a slow burn. It doesn’t pass through points of our chart quickly like the more personal planets and, when it transited my MC, it retrograded back and forth. This meant that I had to make a decision – I could choose to keep feeling useless or figure out what something truly worthwhile meant to me.

At first, I tried to become an adult in the most stereotypical way possible, by holding onto a 9 to 5 job that didn’t fulfill me. Saturn, of course, didn’t put up with this! I quickly realized that holding onto a certain type of job was a security blanket for me. It was a bandaid over the fear that what I have to offer the world, as an individual, is fundamentally flawed.

To tackle my MC in Sagittarius, I had to first access my IC in Gemini. Often times, when I use astrology, I find that checking to see if there are any problems with the opposing point in your chart will help you work out issues with the place that you are having problems in.

I had to develop my interests to the point where I took them seriously and invested myself in them before I was able to find a direction. This involved a lot of reading time at home and fearing that something could be useless before finding out whether it is useful.

I have natal Saturn in Aquarius in the twelfth house so finding a way to construct my own routine and work that is more emotionally fulfilling, like astrology, was how I ended up handling this Saturn transit. Of course, it’s still in my tenth house and I’m still learning ways to take my own, specific goals seriously as well as ways to build them up.


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