North Node Series: Cancer/Capricorn: Axis of Security

North Node or True Node is like an arrow in the birth chart. It shows you where you should go. On the flip side, South Node represents a black hole. The more energy we put into it, the more we lose.

South Node can also represent our conditioned habits, whether we believe these come from ancestry or reincarnation. North Node, then, will represent something we’ve never done before. We are very good at our South Nodes but replaying them will make us more dissatisfied. Trying to do something we’ve never experienced, however, will open up the world to us.

The reason the North/South Nodes oppose each other is because we must use what we know to do what we do not know. Because there is a principle behind every polarity, it is important we take full advantage of our South Node to approach our North Node.

In this series, I focus on the principle behind each polarity to provide solutions for navigating each nodal position by sign. I will also describe each polarity by a relationship to another polarity on the zodiac wheel, usually the square, because nothing in astrology happens in isolation.

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This week: Cancer/Capricorn: Axis of Security

Cancer North Node/Capricorn South Node:

Fear is a big part of this placement – you’ve learned to survive by controlling the external factors around you as best as you can. However, the more you put yourself in control, the more insecure you feel. As an organizer, you find yourself alone in your perspective and you come out isolated. You feel that there is no one really there for you but don’t realize that you actively resist vulnerability by always maintaining control.

Capricorn North Node/Cancer South Node:

You don’t know how to set boundaries and don’t even see why anyone would. When the tone of a conversation becomes too pragmatic, you have the urge to cry out that you really do care about the topic and that should be enough. You want to make things tender again when you get scared because you hope that everyone will dissolve into mutual understanding and all problems will disappear. You believe that emotional investment will guarantee people on your side and you are shocked and abandoned when this doesn’t happen.

The Solution:

The central issue here is security. We can neither build security by controlling everything nor depending exclusively on emotional attachments. Security must come from yourself first, then reach others.

The square here is with Aries/Libra. Security is, first and foremost, a relationship between self and other. We can’t give ourselves security without first giving it to others. Similarly, we can’t make the people in our lives secure while remaining insecure ourselves.

Cancer North Node/Capricorn South Node:

Opening up will be difficult to do and you fear that you will invert into a mess if you let any of your personal pain out. Start with your childhood. How did the structure of your family make you feel? What associations do you carry with you as a result of your upbringing? When you let yourself express vulnerability, you’ll find that there will be someone there for you. This will give you a peace you’ve never felt before.

Capricorn North Node/Cancer South Node:

Relationships with boundaries are more sustainable and last longer. In fact, negotiating boundaries and accountability is a commitment to a relationship and, when someone brings up issues about these things for you, it is a form of care. If someone brings up an issue regarding your personal responsibility, avoid feeling like there is a default aspect of you which makes you too messy to stay organized and commit. Realize that your big heart actually makes you more capable, not less. Aim to embody an organizer to reach people.


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