Node Node Series: Leo/Aquarius: Axis of Individuality

North Node or True Node is like an arrow in the birth chart. It shows you where you should go. On the flip side, South Node represents a black hole. The more energy we put into it, the more we lose.

South Node can also represent our conditioned habits, whether we believe these come from ancestry or reincarnation. North Node, then, will represent something we’ve never done before. We are very good at our South Nodes but replaying them will make us more dissatisfied. Trying to do something we’ve never experienced, however, will open up the world to us.

The reason the North/South Nodes oppose each other is because we must use what we know to do what we do not know. Because there is a principle behind every polarity, it is important we take full advantage of our South Node to approach our North Node.

In this series, I focus on the principle behind each polarity to provide solutions for navigating each nodal position by sign. I will also describe each polarity by a relationship to another polarity on the zodiac wheel, usually the square, because nothing in astrology happens in isolation.

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This week: Leo/Aquarius: Axis of Individuality

Leo North Node/Aquarius South Node:

You struggle against asserting your uniqueness in relation to a group. By consistently playing the part of a contrarian, you will realize that by purely reacting against what you think people in the group think, you are letting yourself become completely controlled by the group. On the flip side, you may identify so strongly with a group that you view as subcultural or away from the mainstream that you lose a sense of your own identity. This is because you may confuse your individuality with the traits that make you unique.

Aquarius North Node/Leo South Node:

Your struggle has to do with establishing your status within a group when the hierarchy of the organization could be only a fragment of your perception. This is because you may have died as a child whose survival depended upon what kind of attention other people gave you. You are especially aware, now, of what kind of attention you receive and can be prone to declaring your individuality by feeling special to a select group of people.

The Solution:

The issue of individuality cannot be neglected if you have North Node in either Aquarius or Leo and you must build a strong ego. If you don’t, you will be prone to ego struggles between yourself and others.

Because Leo/Aquarius squares Taurus/Scorpio, it is important to think of the ego in terms of empowerment. A strong ego allows you to affects others to empower them, not absorb more energy into yourself. It cannot function properly unless in relation to others, but also cannot exist except for the self.
Aquarius North Node/Leo South Node:

Involving yourself in acts that build a strong ego, such as finding creative ways to navigate around limitations will help you develop a personal confidence that does not have to do with how alike or unlike you are with other people. Working on a creative project will teach you ways to use your powerful will.

Leo North Node/Aquarius South Node:

Collaboration is necessary for your self improvement. You already know what it is like to be creative for yourself – now you have to make it speak to a larger audience. Building a framework around your ideas will require watching and learning from other practitioners.


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