Resources for Artists: Residencies

Hey y’all!

I thought I would compile a list of residencies for artists which are open to applications now.

I listed everything in a “bare bones” fashion, meaning I only put things like deadlines and what you get in this post. You should check through to the website for more info!

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“I love you madly”

When I was in Germany I was invited by an Austrian friend to drink wine with him and a German at his apartment. We smoked Lucky Strikes in the small, one room studio near Offenbach. My friend showed us the scans on his computer of a book of portraits he had found in his Viennese art school. The faces of the people being represented were rendered in a post Picasso, gestural, expressionistic way, deformed by the accidents of paint. They stood on familiar ground between what is beauty and not beauty in the accidental, the representative, the abstract – old, familiar conflicts making old, familiar pictures.

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