What’s the difference between Progressions and Transits?

For those who are beginning to look at astrology, the difference between progressions and transits may seem a little confusing. I know I sure was confused!

In his book, The Changing Sky, astrologer Steven Forrest writes that each individual is like a seed planted into the ground. Each new phase of development is a progression. You wouldn’t treat a giant oak tree the same you would treat a sprout, even though it’s the same living organism.

Transits, then, can be imagined as the environment around the growing tree. Is it a dry season and does the wind blow today? Will this plant get enough water in its early developmental stages?

The difference can be simplified by saying that transits affect us externally while progressions affect us internally. However, taking a deeper look tells us that both affect us inside and out. The difference between progressions and transits is that the former shows the evolution of the self while the latter shows the evolution of the world.

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